Fractional CMO (n.)

As a fractional CMO, I bring extensive marketing expertise to your startup or early-stage company, guiding all marketing initiatives on a freelance basis. My primary focus is crafting strategies across channels, setting goals, managing teams, and identifying new channels and verticals for growth, all without the constraints of a full-time executive.

What I offer


The seed of marketplace success and the strategic foundation to improve customer experiences, innovation, employee retention, motivation, and business growth.

  • Vision / Values / Purpose
  • Target Customer Segmentation
  • Strategic Positioning / Value Proposition
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Messaging / Tone / Look & Feel


Before we build or update your marketing stack, we’ve got to create your marketing strategy. It’ll be shaped around your product, your desired audience, and how to reach them.

  • Stage 1: Attract
  • Stage 2: Engage
  • Stage 3: Analyze and optimize


Each tool we integrate should complement the others so that your marketing, sales, finance, and tech teams are always on the same page. It’ll help streamline communication, save time and costs, and enable more efficient resource allocation where everything is measurable and actionable.

We’ll keep it lean by focusing on:

  • Analytics / Business Intelligence / AI
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Chat / Support
  • Automation
  • Email


I believe in the long run that attracting strangers and engaging with them to become prospects, then converting them to customers and delighting them to become promoters, generates lasting growth.

  • Drive positioning, segmentation & messaging
  • Optimize and improve your online presence
  • Create prospect onboarding and nurturing programs
  • Content marketing & thought leadership
  • Paid and organic search marketing
  • Optimize
  • Scale

Building strong relationships takes time.

Starting with a small project is a great way to ensure we are a good fit!

It’s like going on a coffee date instead of a weekend getaway. This approach allows us to get to know each other and work together before committing.

My clients typically require 1-3 hours of my time each day, with occasional fluctuations depending on the project.

To simplify things, I offer a tiered subscription model based on the number of monthly hours:
20, 40, or 64.

If we’re mutually interested in a longer-term relationship, I’m open to discussing ways to reduce costs over time and build equity.

Download our free Value Proposition Workbook

value proposition workbook

This PDF is an excellent tool for creating your value proposition by guiding you through a strategic process to help you gain more clarity and confidence to uncover your unique values!

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