Fractional CMO for Startups

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Spark your startup’s potential with a cost-effective “fractional” Chief Marketing Officer.

I’ll focus on your unique strengths and connect your brand with your target market while staying within budget.

We’ll integrate AI and an effective martech stack, shape your brand’s story, implement our growth strategy, then measure and report on our effectiveness.

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Martech & Artificial Intelligence

To ensure seamless team collaboration, I’ll help you define and integrate the optimal martech stack, including rapidly evolving Artificial Intelligence tools. By focusing on analytics, CRM, CDP, chat, support, automation, and leveraging AI-powered solutions, we enable more efficient resource allocation and provide actionable insights for growth. Embrace the power of AI to transform your marketing efforts.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Together we’ll lay the groundwork for your startup’s success by building up your brand’s story and creating a comprehensive marketing plan. From defining your vision, values, and purpose to identifying target customer segments and crafting strategic positioning, we’ll ensure your brand stands out in the market. Get ready to attract, engage, and delight your audience.

GTM & Measurables

The go-to-market strategy will create lasting growth by driving positioning, segmentation, messaging and optimizing your online presence. We’ll utilize in-house and user-generated content marketing, paid and organic search marketing, and flywheel methodology to attract, engage, and delight your prospects, turning them into loyal promoters. With a strong focus on KPIs and analytics, we’ll continuously measure and refine our marketing efforts, ensuring we achieve our goals and drives tangible results.

What‘s your story? You’ll need a great one in this new era of AI. Emotional storytelling is vital with the disruption of AI.

My roots are in storytelling.

I’ve spent more than two decades mastering the art of storytelling through creative brand strategies, communications, and design.

My passion is for the energy found in startups, and happy to have been on three founding teams, the mentor in residence for GEM, UCSB’s technology incubator, and now a fractional CMO.


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I only engage with up to four clients at a time.


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Rowing the same direction…

Getting your team rowing in the same direction is critical for growth! As an experienced implementor of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), I can help your team rowing in the same direction. If you’re familiar with OKR management systems, you’ll get the idea. EOS creates a shared vision, clarifies roles and responsibilities, and establishes consistent problem-solving processes. You’ll move faster with everyone on the same page and clearly understanding your vision!


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